The Anthropology of Work


I am a founding partner at the OpenWork Agency, a workplace and culture strategy consultancy in Austin, TX. We consult with real estate developers and organizations around the world on integrating coworking and flex work solutions in an effort to make work more human and sustainable. Prior to OpenWork I worked for fifteen years as a business school professor, organizational consultant, and writer. I am an anthropologist by training, and I’ve written three books about corporate innovation, design thinking, and workplace. I also consult independently around themes of company culture, innovation, and design thinking.


Over the past ten years I’ve written three books about corporate innovation and design.  My fourth book- After Corporate Culture: Managing Culture in the Sharing Economy– will be published in Spring 2019.  

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The Fifth Age of Work


The Fifth Age of Work is a roadmap for companies looking to embrace activity based working (ABW) and coworking as part of their workplace and culture strategies. (2013) Amazon Link

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I’m Outta Here


I’m Outta Here, co-written with Todd Sundsted and Tony Bacigalupo, was the first book written about coworking. (2009) Amazon Link

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Innovation Acid Test


The Innovation Acid Test was an early application of Design Thinking to the challenge of corporate innovation, and provides case studies of successful innovators.  (2008) Link to Amazon


I regularly speak at both private corporate events and public conferences and industry events. I speak on a range of related topics:
  • + Corporate Coworking
  • + The Fifth Age of Work
  • + After Corporate Culture: The Evolving Nature of Culture in Companies
  • + Design Thinking & Innovation
  • + Organization XYZ- Managing Three Generations
  • + Leadership XYZ- Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Over the past fifteen years of consulting I have developed a suite of culture and innovation assessments and programs, as reflected in the Fifth Age of Work Programs. To schedule an initial conversation, get in touch at


  • Coworking for Companies
  • Fifth Age Program
  • Design Thinking & Innovation
  • The Open Organization
  • Leadership 2020


  • Openness Quotient (OQ)
  • Energy Index
  • Culture/Growth Matrix
  • Creative Leadership Assessment

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