Leadership Consulting

Leadership Dilemmas

  • Is there a lack of trust between senior leadership and rank and file employees?
  • Is the senior leadership team accessible to junior staff for mentoring?
  • Is communication from top to bottom clear, consistent, and believable?
  • Are expensive and impractical ‘leader on the couch’ leadership development programs letting you down?
  • Is the ROI on your leadership training difficult to measure?

Leadership Programs

As an alternative to ‘in the box’ leadership development programs, Drew has developed two anthropologically oriented leadership programs:

The Storyteller Imperative

Through a series of interviews, workshops and coaching with the senior leadership team (collectively and individually), we focus on clearly developing the Animating Story that underscores the company’s purpose.  We know from anthropological science that humans are a ‘storytelling species,’ and that in order for a group of people to voluntarily row in the same direction, they need to believe in a compelling story. This is where company strategy is made real in the lives of employees.

Culture Compass


Culture.Compass is a leadership development program grounded in the science of ethnography.  Getting out of oneself and into the field with humility and curiosity, we flip the ‘leader on the couch’ development process on its head.  Developing leaders as ethnographers engages them with their staff and with the emerging cultural values that Gen X and Gen Z are bringing into the workplace.  Leaders learn about themselves by learning about others. This is the centerpiece of anthropological knowledge.