Organizational Consul

Organizational Dilemmas

  • Is your organization consistently underperforming?
  • Are employees disengaged and working with suboptimal levels of energy?
  • Are you losing top talent?
  • Is your company merging with another company or are you entering a new business?
  • Are you integrating a new leader or leadership team and looking for organizational renewal and re-direction?

Suite of Services

The suite of consulting services that Drew offers are designed to address these types of organizational dilemmas.

Move beyond fluffy approaches to ‘corporate culture’ to gain a deeper, more scientific understanding of your people and what holds them back from performing at their highest level.

Organizational Audit

Bespoke surveys and ethnographic research combine to create a rich picture of employee experience, from the employees’ perspective.

O² Canvas

The Open Organization Canvas, an adapted version of the OS Canvas, is a discovery tool for team workshops.

Strategy Alignment

How do Audit results support or hinder your strategy? 

Design & Transformation

Use material design interventions, such as workspace design, workforce policies (when, where and how people work), decision rights, compensation structures, communication patterns as iterative experiments to build the future that you want.

Meet The Team

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