Culture, leadership, workspace design, design thinking, coworking.

Drew speaks regularly on topics related to culture, leadership, workspace design, design thinking, and coworking.  He has delivered many invited talks, book talks, and keynotes at conferences and corporate events over twenty years.  Currently his talks are focused on the following four themes:

After Corporate Culture: How to Manage Human Nature?

Find out why the majority of culture change programs fail to deliver their promised results.  

Design Thinking and Organizational Change

Explore how design is more than packaging and ‘prettification.’  Learn how Design Thinking is a strategic imperative.

Whose Values are they Anyway? Busting the Myth of Innovation

What do share buy-backs and soaring dividends have to do with your innovation agenda?

Coworking and the future Corporate Village

Shift beyond the myths surrounding coworking and learn why Fortune 500 companies are embracing coworking in ever larger numbers.


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