Drew Jones


Business school professor.
Management consultant.

Andrew (Drew) Jones (PhD) is an anthropologist, business school professor, management consultant, and writer.  Over the past twenty years he has worked with both large and small firms on projects related to culture and leadership, workplace strategy, workspace design, and organizational design.  He has written three previous books, and his fourth book- Hominids @Work: An Anthropologist’s Guide to Managing People– will be out in the summer of 2020.

Drew uses anthropological science to cut through the myth and fluff that characterizes much of the ‘culture consulting industry,’ and offers a blunt form of pragmatism instead.  Over the course of his varied consulting career he has developed an anthropological management paradigm that is now on offer through his personal practice.  He is a founding partner at the workplace strategy consultancy, OpenWork Agency. He is based in Austin, TX.