Humans @Work

In the summer of 2020 Drew’s fourth book- Humans @Work- An Anthropologist’s Guide to Managing People- will be published.  Humans @Work identifies the Nine Anthropological Principles that underscore a shared humanness (or malleable ‘human nature’) that human-centered and innovative companies successfully manage:

What are the Nine Anthropological Principles?

1. Humans are wired for culture and have a need for culture. (Though our cultural identity is derived from our lives outside of work, humans can be appealed to via story)
2. Humans thrive on mobility (not sedentism), and this should be supported and reinforced in the workplace.
3. Humans need (situational) leadership (that is continuously earned). Not uber leaders.
4. Humans achieve the most in groups when they can self organize.
5. Humans thrive when allowed to experiment (innovate), learn, and grow.
6. Humans thrive when granted autonomy, choice, and flexibility, which nurtures respect and dignity.
7. Humans are social creatures and thrive in community.
8. Humans are first emotional, and only secondarily ‘rational.’
9. Humans operate most effectively in relatively small social units (no larger than 150 people) where trust is more achievable.